Monday, May 14, 2012

Where have I been?

I spent another fat week in NY and NJ! I arrived on 5/1 and made it to Brooklyn and saw this cutie:

Met a friend for a delicious babaganoush lunch:

Back to Brooklyn where I killed some time waiting for my sister getting a pretty sweet deal on a mani/pedi--$16!  I don't usually get these but my feet were still wrecked from the Mud Run and it was a fun and relaxing way to kill an hour.

I recommend Sister's if you're ever in Park Slope looking for a mani/pedi:

Enjoyed a great Mexican dinner with my sister in Park Slope (BIL ironically in SoCal for work):

Drove that night to Jersey and spent some quality time with Mom and taking her to some doctors' appointments over the next few days.  I managed to squeeze in an awesome Korean lunch with a friend--highlight of my Jersey visits!

I shared my manicure which I felt so self-conscious of because I'm not used to my nails being colored.  I feel like nail polish make my hands look older or that I should be offering an innocent princess a poison apple.

Over the weekend I made my nephew some vegan and gluten-free banana pancakes (from BabyCakes Covers the Classics):

He ate them!

I got to take him to the park and we toodled around his new Brooklyn nabe:

On Monday, I got to spend a day with him when his usual caretaker had a doctor's appointment.  We checked out a different playground in Prospect Park.  Lots of nannies and kiddos.

Then we strolled to Starbucks.  Lots of moms and kiddos.

I gave him a bath:

And put him in some adorable pajamas (actually all pajamas are adorable at this age!)

And finished off the trip with a visit and trying out their cookie butter:

So delicious--I ate a third of the jar in 5 minutes.  It reminded me of Biscoff spread:

And then back on to home--until next month!


Tom said...
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Pound said...

i can't imagine you with nail [olish. and so dark too! oh you like the cookie butter? cuz i got you one today. shady NJ tj's run out in 72 hrs? irvine has them! i'll give it to you when you come out. and make you pancakes to go with. but no gluten free sugar free wheat free egg free pancakes for me!

Lindsay said...

Okay, so I'm intrigued, what does Cookie butter taste like?

joanne said...

I've had 2 manicures. Both times I found myself distracted by my own hands... not practical!
When are you heading back? Where in Brooklyn do A, A, and J live? I am determined to hook up :)