Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My ode to Kore Wellness

Hoping to do all the rope transfers at my next SC Mud Run!

I love this gym.  No treadmills, no machines.  Just kettlebells, Sorinex, and stuff that reminds me of playground equipment.  I have made good friends here and they have been keeping me accountable to get strong and keep well.  It's such a supportive environment that I sometimes don't realize the progress I've made here--like finally doing an unassisted pull-up and doing the SC Mud Run (doing my 4th in less than 2 weeks!)  I'm looking forward to reaching new goals here!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A couple of Firsts at Philly airport

The first time I have seen Breakfast Pizza (eggs, cheese, bacon on a pizza crust):

I couldn't do it. I went with a bagel.

And the first time I have seen someone, not only walk barefoot in the airport, but also board the plane barefoot.  The boarding agent was this grandmotherly lady who half-shouted in shock, "Where's your shoes?!"  I didn't hear the guy say anything and she just rolled her eyes and shook her head as he headed down the gangway.

I don't know which part puzzled me more--that he was barefoot when it was about 30 degrees outside in Philly or that he was walking barefoot in the Philadelphia airport and now, on to a plane. Ugh, I feel grossed out when I see people coming out of the airplane bathroom in thin flip-flops. So glad I didn't see what the bottom of his feet looked like.

Awesome Hotel amenities

Well, after the ground stop in Philly was lifted, my connecting flight took off without me.  So I was stuck in Philadelphia.  All the airport hotels were full, but I found a decent priced Crowne Plaza hotel (about $100/night) that was a $15 shuttle ride into the city.  The location wasn't handy to the cool parts of Phily, but I was beat after getting there after midnight.  And wow, I loved the included amenities!  Like 2 bottles of water, apples, and a Keurig!

And how about a mug full of Hershey Kisses while I watch 6 different HBOs?!

And look at this chic collection of shampoo, etc.  Oh yes, those came home with me.

And CD alarm clock with AUX input!

Man I wished I missed my flight earlier so I could have spent more time here!

De-Icing a plane

Got delayed in Boston Logan airport because major snow storms caused a ground stop in Philly, where I am supposed to connect to SC. The ground stop was lifted but before we could move, they said they had to de-ice the plane. I always thought de-icing entailed some giant ice-scraper going over the surface of the plane, but instead, it's this:

It appears they spray de-icing liquid over the entire plane:

I guess that's a lot easier than using a giant ice-scraper.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Girl is home!

The Girl is home for spring break, what a sight for sore eyes. We've been missing her so much, but appreciate she is having a good time at school, a thousand miles away. Treated her (and US) to some 10 inch hoagies at Which Wich:

She came along for Paul's latest follow-up post-surgery and convinced him to do a striped cast with glow-in-the-dark stripes:

And she even made me a bowl of ice cream and strawberries. Heavenly.