Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's been a while--and my football picks paid the price

I've been out and about this holiday season and finally came home yesterday morning around 3:30am, a little worse for wear. The hardest part was losing in my Fantasy League playoffs last week after a 9 game win streak. It's a sad week when my kicker with 14 points bests every other offensive player in my roster (except the quarterback) who combined for very disappointing 31 points. Yes, that's COMBINED! An unexpected fat egg from Arian Foster and worse, a -2 from Danny Amendola didn't help my numbers at all.

The second hardest part was losing my top spot in fanpool. By Monday morning, I was sitting in second place by 2. And worse, I have been second-guessing my picks all monring for this final day. This is probably the least confident week I have had all season. And of course, it's the most important. I haven't had the nerve to watch any of the games yet.

On the plus side, last night, Michigan State pulled out a 17-16 win over TCU in last night's Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. Unfortunately, due to its 10:15pm East Coast start time, I passed out before they won, but made my morning waking up to the news. Hopefully it's a harbinger of my day. Fingers crossed.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Can we hang in there Peyton?

The Bowl game schedule has been released and Michigan State is slated to play against TCU on 12/29 in the Buffalo Wild Wings in Arizona at 10:15PM, ET.  PM!!!  Man, I hope MSU has a LOT more stamina than me to play in this Bowl game against TCU. 

Anyhoo, this was a rough week in the FanPool but fortunately for me, it was for most everyone.  I'm still clinging to my overall lead by a narrow margin:

And speaking of narrow margins:

I barely beat Paul in our fantasy football match-up this week.  But FWIW, a Win is still a Win, no matter how narrow the margin is and my win streak is up to 7.  Currently I'm leading in the league with most wins by 2...

Can Peyton and I hang in there for the rest of the season?