Monday, December 3, 2012

Can we hang in there Peyton?

The Bowl game schedule has been released and Michigan State is slated to play against TCU on 12/29 in the Buffalo Wild Wings in Arizona at 10:15PM, ET.  PM!!!  Man, I hope MSU has a LOT more stamina than me to play in this Bowl game against TCU. 

Anyhoo, this was a rough week in the FanPool but fortunately for me, it was for most everyone.  I'm still clinging to my overall lead by a narrow margin:

And speaking of narrow margins:

I barely beat Paul in our fantasy football match-up this week.  But FWIW, a Win is still a Win, no matter how narrow the margin is and my win streak is up to 7.  Currently I'm leading in the league with most wins by 2...

Can Peyton and I hang in there for the rest of the season?

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