Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thank you Internet

Holy crap, when I turned on my laptop--where I do EVERYTHING, including log on for work--I got this weird message "The User Profile Service failed the logon.  User Profile cannot be loaded."  It wouldn't let me past the log on screen.  I had a mini-freak out and then googled the error message on my iPhone.  It pulled up all these forum posts with fairly daunting instructions with one even warning that "one should be fairly handy with computers" to correct this, which I'd say I'm fairly UN-handy computer-wise beyond "reboot".  Had another mini-freak out.

Thankfully, I scrolled the search results and found this YouTube video:

Watching this video made it seem very doable and I recognized the steps that were outlined in a number of forum responses.  I totally followed the steps with my iPhone, not really knowing what I was doing and hoping I was doing the correct thing, and it totally worked.

So grateful for the internet and to those who post cool and helpful information and videos. 

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