Saturday, January 31, 2015

One down

Okay for January, I'm on pace with my resolutions. Even though I technically started this book in 2014, I'm claiming reading credit for "In the Woods" by Tana French in 2015:

It was a good mystery read though I'd have a tough time recommending it. I'd be like, "the set up is great, the journey is gripping, but ugh, unsatisfying ending."  I'm embarrassed that I'm one of those readers who needs things resolved at the end and I get "in real life" one doesn't get all answers, but come on, when you've got a mystery, isn't that the point?

Okay baby steps with the crafting--pulled out the Spirograph and made a card, which I mailed to a friend:

On a side note, Spirographing is kind of harder than I remember (or takes practice), I had a number of times when I couldn't keep the cog on the track if my pen was in a hole farther from the center of the cog and I'd have these sudden jagged lines where my pen just veered across the design.  A tad frustrating.  Or maybe I need smaller hands.

And voila! I found out a local girl scout troop would take craft stuff so I got motivated to purge some of my stash, knowing it would be put to good use:

Okay, 1 out of 12 done--now on to the next 11...

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Pound said...

told you. i loved the book.... until the end. but i still felt like the thrill of first 98% was worth the read. the Historian was the same. excellent until the end. and thanks for the spiro card!!!!