Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Please tell me you're watching the Women's World Cup

Tomorrow are the Semi-Finals for the FIFA Women's World Cup, though I'll say it's a bit annoying that both games are one after another on a weekday.

The Semi finals are featuring Sweden vs. Japan and then USA vs. France. 

Did anybody watch the quarterfinal games?  Unfortunately I only caught the USA vs. Brazil game, but it was Amaze Balls.  It was fraught with craziness like a USA goal in the first 2 minutes of the game, made by Brazilian player, Daiane.  Then, a USA player was red-carded and ejected.  And soon after, there was a weird Penalty Kick do-over that scored Brazil its own goal, tying the score 1-1.  And so USA was down to 10 players as they headed into overtime.  Here is where I say again, there is a TON of running in this game.  And I mean RUNNING.  Holy cow--two 45 minute halves and no commercial breaks.  And now overtime--two 15 minutes halves.  That is 2 hours of running.  I swear I lost weight just watching this game.

Brazil scored quickly with a pretty sweet goal (though apparently someone was offsides but wasn't called) and it looked look 5-time FIFA World Player of the Year Marta and her Brazil team were heading towards the Semis.  But at the 122 minute mark (extra time added for injury), USA scored a BEAUTIFUL goal tying it to 2-2.  Did I mention that USA was down to 10 players? 

It went down to penalty kicks.  Each team made the first 3 goals, then the USA goalie stopped a score from Daiane (yes, the one who had kicked a goal for the USA in the first 2 minutes), opening the way for USA to win out on penalty kicks, 5-3.  Needless to say, it was a super game from start to finish.

If you like competitive sports on a world professional level, I suggest you set your DVRs.


Tom said...
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Frances said...

Only some of us who were watching. Woot!

Tom said...
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