Friday, June 1, 2012

High and Low of Long Term Parking

When you're anxiously searching out a spot in the long term parking lot an hour before your 6am flight, you can get excited by a gift of a spot:

Until you realize that the grocery bag in the space is actually a dead raccoon:

And after briefly contemplating (a) parking over the dead raccoon, (b) finding a stick to push the dead raccoon out of the parking spot, and (c) realizing I'm too scared to get near a raccoon that might just be unconscious and rabid, I decided it's not my lucky day and anxiously cruised some more rows and finally found a space.


Tom said...


Heidi said...

Best story ever! Please don't bring that thing to CA.

Pat said...

Kick it under the other car!

Pound said...

Good call. Gross.