Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's Official

This girl:

is officially a teenager.  As you can see, she is totally excited:

For her birthday today, we took her to Drip for an awesome breakfast:

Then she was off to school which was a busy but hopefully exciting day for her.  For dinner, off to Menkoi, South Carolina's first ramen house:

The teenager still so thrilled:

Post dinner we hit Tutti Fruitti, a froyo place near Menkoi.  I loved that this froyo place offered non-dairy choices like soy peanut butter and blueberry sorbet:

And back home the girl blew out candles on treats we picked up at Cupcake:

For those interested, we got the Samoa, Strawberry, and Berry Zinger:

Here's hoping her wishes come true!


Tom said...
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Pat said...

Yay Birthday day!!

Pound said...

dang i remember when she and ethan were up on that weird shelf area of your old house watching adventure time... sigh. happy bday, i guess they'll grow up despite what we want.

also, do those cupcakes have enough frosting??? it's more than the cake part! and no ramen til now???? well congrats! oh hey i started to watch this documentary type thing on netflix called jiro makes sushi (or something like that). next time u come out we'll watch it together! it's about a guy who is the best sushi cef in the universe and how he started etc. no gross egg scene a la tampopo.