Sunday, September 9, 2012

Put your little boy pants on and step it up

It was awesome here in SCAR as the Game Cocks beat East Carolina 48-10 with a back-up QB.  Plenty of fireworks and plenty of Sandstorm!  The funny thing about living so close to the stadium is that due to the tv delay, we'd hear the fireworks and then watch the TD happen.

But yeesh, what a painful Saturday it was for the Big Ten.  Sure Michigan State crushed 41-7...Central Michigan.  Go Spartans.  And yes, Ohio State soundly beat Central Florida 31-16.  And even Michigan pulled out a 31-25 win at HOME, over...Air Force. Yes, all wins over unranked teams.

But as much as I like rooting for the underdogs, it was pretty shocking and hard to watch Nebraska lose to UCLA and Wisconsin lose to Oregon State.  And ugh, all four of those missed FGs in Penn States their 16-17 loss to Virginia.   Not good for the Big 10.  Here's hoping next week is prettier.


Tom said...
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Michael Kwun said...

I still refuse to accept that Nebraska and Penn State are part of the Big Ten.