Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday got sunnier

Yesterday, temperatures were slated to go down into the low 30s and my mom still didn't have power/heat. All local hotels were booked by folks who had the foresight to think that the electricity would be out more than 5 days. We were in a tight spot, but in the last hours, someone kindly volunteered to take my mom in. And just about an hour before she was to go, the power came back on. It was such a sweet relief, all around.

I heard about the New York City marathoners who still came to New York despite the cancelled race and volunteered in Staten Island. Reminded and moved me that people can really open their hearts and lend help in trying times. Like the reported 3000+ linepeople/tree professionals that traveled from out-of-state to help out in New Jersey and New York to get power back up and the person who would let my mom stay with her--I am so grateful that there truly are so many good people out there.

I was able to relax and enjoy the big Nebraska-Michigan State game:

Even though the Spartans lost another close one.

Fortunately, this Halloween pic of my nephew, Madhu, in Illinois cheered me up:

His name actually means "honeybee"--so perfect!

Then today, I got the bills paid, did a little baking, and made my donation to the Red Cross (including the girl's collected donation of $4).

And to top it off, I'm crushing in my fantasy league game (thank you, Doug Martin!) and with Atlanta beating Dallas 19-13, I'm in the top spot in my football pool going into tomorrow night's game.

Definitely a sweet Sunday.


Pound said...

people can be such jerks over the dumbest things and then be so nice other times. so weird. glad your mom's power came back.
evan is playing fantasy basketball. i still don't know how it works.

Tom said...
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