Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I didn't prepare as well as I usually do for Halloween, with a recent return from NY/NJ and Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm happening days before.  After talking with some friends and family the Northeast that some were determined to have Halloween for their kids, I motivated and put together my costume:

The more impressive part about it was that the girl wanted to wear it as her costume for trick-or-treating. Kind of made me feel cool:

She also tried to collect money for the Red Cross, but I guess a lot of folks weren't interested in donating to a teen girl they didn't know with a homemade container.  But the $4 she did collect is on its way to the Red Cross!

I was glad to hear from my sister that lots of kids were celebrating Halloween in Brooklyn.  And that my nephew was an adorable Curious George:

Back here in SoCar, we made our usual barfing Jack O'Lantern:

but our doorbell only rang twice. Sigh. Now we have about 5 pounds of candy to eat!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Pound said...

what are you dressed as???

Tom said...
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