Monday, October 15, 2012

Feeling so Jay Feely

As I reach the halfway mark of football season, I have to confess that my football season is just falling apart.  I want to scream.  Arizona kicker Jay Feely's two kicks yesterday were the perfect analogy.  Anybody see them?  Jay Feely kicks an amazing (and career-best) 61 yard field goal in the 4th quarter to tie the game 16-16 against Buffalo.  To my friends who don't follow football, that is HUGE, Linda!--35 yards is the "typical" field goal range.  It was shocking.  I remember reflexively shouting, "Hope he likes booty!  Because it's going to be raining booty on him tonight!"  I'm somewhat paraphrasing for the sake of this blog, though Paul did respond, "Hey, maybe not say that in front of your daughter."

Anyhoo, in the last seconds of the game, Feely has the opportunity to win the game with 38 yard FG but he hits the upright and it's no good.  They go into overtime, and Buffalo's kicker makes the game-winning FG.  You can bet Feely was folding up the umbrella--0% chance of a booty storm in his forecast.

For me, where do I begin?  I started out in my football pool in the number 2 spot after the first week and I'm now I'm swimming in the miserable middle.  I'm thisclose to making my picks and then completely reversing them all next Sunday morning.  Argh--and my fantasy league?  I've only won one match-up and it was with a guy who played a player who had a BYE week.  And Michigan State (and the Big 10, in general!).  Oy.

Is it time for March Madness soon?

I know what you're thinking.  There's still more than half a season left.  Jay Feely and I are going to have to shake off the past and move forward.

All right, on to the next week.


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