Sunday, October 7, 2012

SoCal Cuties

I was able to squeeze in a some morning coffee time (of course, never enough time) with my SoCal friend Linda and the newest member of her family, Lola:

Oli loves her:

Don't worry, he didn't choke her

I also got to see this boy who seemed so quiet all the years I have known him and suddenly is the biggest adorable ball of energy and games:

Don't worry, he's laughing, not crying

And I got to see his younger brother again (my goodness, he's growing fast!):

Yes, still excited to see me!

My favorite is when big brother shows me little brother's favorite songs:

I also lucked out and was able to hang out with their parents and see a couple of movies (Pitch Perfect and The Avengers)--of course, separately because that's the life of parents of young kids. Sigh, brings back memories.

Yikes, these kids are growing fast!


Pound said...

well one time evan busted lola and picked her up by the scruff of her neck but i guess that's different than holding her BY her neck. Hahahah!

Blogger said...

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