Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fundraising and Walking: NAMI-OC

I was bummed I didn't get to craft before I came to California for a fundraiser but luckily someone's mom offered to bake some crazy delicious cookies so we were able to do a mini bake sale yesterday featuring these amazing cookies with dark and white chocolate and cherries:

And these dynamite coconut shortbread cookies:

I had introduced green smoothies to my friend my last trip out and we made them as fundraisers as green "Go Go Juice" for morning or afternoon pick-me-ups:

They were all a hit!

This morning was the big day as dozens of us from the office with family, friends, and pets, gathered at the Huntington Beach Pier.  It was a beautiful day for a Walk by the beach.

I loved being here for this.

Thank you EVERYONE for your support!

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Pound said...

you know honey boo boo calls her mountain dew her go go juice too. just sayin!!!!!