Monday, October 29, 2012

Feeling more Peyton Manning

Two weeks ago, I was feeling so Jay Feely.  But then the Monday night game happened.  The Broncos were shutout at 0-24 at halftime by the Chargers and by the end of the game, Peyton Manning brought them back to win 35-24.  I'm happy to report that I'm having a bit of a good turnaround this half of the football season myself:

- Michigan State finally won a game and delivered Wisconsin its first loss at home since 2009 this weekend.

- In the last 2 weeks of my football pool I have been short of the top spot by only one game.

- In my fantasy league, I beat two guys who tried to bring it (or at least had no players that were on a bye week).

Gotta say, it's better feeling so Peyton Manning.


Paul said...

You're not going to mention who is on top in the fantasy league?!

Tom said...
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