Friday, July 12, 2013

I stand corrected: This was the highlight of my yesterday

My friend Tom has helped me on a number of fix-its around my mom's house these past couple of weeks--things that seemed so daunting when my mind has been on so many things--as well as being a great sounding board as I rambled on stuff going through my mind. Bonus: I now know how to use Plumbing tape!  I offered to treat him to wings and beer at Hooter's as my thanks for all his help.

I had never been to Hooter's and the controversy of its waitresses in shorts and tank tops when it first opened a few decades ago had cemented in my brain that Hooter's was a place of salaciousness where gross horny dudes went to eat fried food.

Tom said I'd probably be let down by this level of expectation.

And he was right.  There were folks with their kids there and here was a guy celebrating his 21st birthday.  The song was no sexier (and just as cheesy) as a birthday song at Chili's or Bennigan's.  Also, after being in a number of sports bars where the waitresses don short skirts and low-cut referee blouses, I was fairly indifferent (or numb) to the waitresses' outfits at Hooter's.  I will say that our waitress was adorable and sweet:

And my friend Tom treated me to a souvenir shirt! If anyone is familiar with Princeton at all, you can understand how much it tickles me that Hooter's claims a Princeton address:

Needless to say, it was really nice to have a night of distraction and a new adventure!


Heidi said...

You really stack up with those ladies, Fran!!

Tom said...
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Pound said...

you look better in your hooters tank than they do!!! also- gross horny dude eating fried food. AHAHAHAAAAAAAAA