Thursday, July 11, 2013

This Will Be the Highlight of my Day

I'm in NJ. I've been here a couple of weeks and I initially was transitioning my mother from rehab to home (which was very, very challenging in itself) but then had to take her to the ER early Sunday morning. To say it's overwhelming to balance medical needs, financial ability, and health outlook sometimes feels like an understatement. The days are pretty rough and I've started treating myself to these large coffees from Dunkin Donuts. I can honestly say that they have become the highlight of my days.

I'm grateful for all the support and encouragement and all the friends who continue to play Words With Friends with me to give me a little escape, distraction, and levity.

So many things I'm behind on--I really want to post pix from SoCal and Nebraska trips and I really need to exercise but I've been feeling somewhat paralyzed by this current situation. So if anyone has spare mojo, please forward!

P.S. A nurse said that because today is 7/11, 7-11's are giving away free small slurpees! Maybe that will be the highlight of my day today.


Paul said...

We miss you!

Pound said...

awwww! it must be so stressful. a friend of mine is in the same situation, but with both parents (his dad then passed away). keep your spirits up! and check instagrams lots for our daily hilarity (oli eating toenails :/ )
and this is a total time suck but i started playing hay day (free app) that i thought was so lame but it's really fun. you basically have to run a self sustaining farm (hooray! all our convos about healthy eating!) by growing crops, turning it into animal feed or other products, getting products from the animals, baking cakes with your eggs, wheat, butter etc. it's crazy how you actually can't bake a cake to sell until you've grown wheat, corn soy etc and fed them to you cows and chickens, then taken their eggs and milk, make butter, then all those things go into an oven (which of course you have to buy). it's nuts and fun. and you can be my farm friend. i named my farm no monsanto :D