Friday, April 24, 2015

Birthday dinner!

With a generous gift, I was able to go to the fabulous @116 Espresso and Wine Bar cafe.  I had come here once with a friend and I loved the wine selection and food and dreamed of coming here again. This is one of the sure bets of a great dining experience and was so psyched to come here for my birthday:

Started out with a sweet, crisp Prosecco and their Hibiscus Highball (which was potent!):

Paul and I shared the Cheese Plate appetizer:

As well as their Deviled Eggs with Seared Tuna:

I had the Rainbow Trout with Blue Crab and Hollandaise:

Paul had the Cuban pizza:

For dessert, we split their version of Strawberry Shortcake:

and Key Lime Pie:

Such a great birthday dinner--everything was awesome and I left with a happy full belly!

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