Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Haircut--color hair?

As you can see, my hair was really getting long for my face, specifically the hair around my face--heading into my famous "Yoko Ono, circa the Bed-In" stage:

Unfortunately, I don't foresee going to SoCal to see Christina anytime soon so I bit the bullet and went local.  Christina was kind enough to give me notes/instruction but I was still cautious.  The after doesn't seem like a big change but it did feel lighter:


She did make the gentle suggestion about doing a semi-permanent color to cover the grays. She was really tactful--I vaguely remember her saying something like, it's a shame to have these grays when you look so young. Hee! 

But for what it's worth, it's a comment every stylist has said to me in the last 10 years.  I used to be very "no way, keeping it au natural" as a stand against beauty and youth expectations for women.    But frankly it doesn't seem such a big deal about coloring hair when women of all ages color their hair in different colors--it's more fashion than about looking young, so that's not really my reason anymore.  I think a larger part is that I'm so lazy about maintenance and I dread having to maintain hair color.  But apparently this semi-permanent option makes the maintenance a lot less of an issue because it eventually washes out--no worry about seeing gray roots all of sudden. it time for me to start coloring my hair?

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