Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good Day: End of DADT and surprise in the mail

The miserable loss last night by the Rams put me squarely at 12th place out of 17 in our pool.  Not a good start, but optimistically speaking, it's still early and there is only a difference of 7 between 1st place and 17th after 2 weeks.  Unfortunately, there were a lot of rookie bungles last night and I don't know if there were a lot of injuries last night, but they stayed in.  Which kind of surprised me because I thought the coaches would be more cut throat and pull them out. I thought that if I were a coach I'd keep them in as well, but more so because as a parent, I feel you have to shake off the missteps and have faith in the skills and talent possessed and keep trying.  But then I thought, there's probably a reason no moms are NFL coaches and shrugged it off to injuries. But I wonder about Josh McDaniels (offensive coordinator, Rams and previous head coach of the Denver Broncos)--I find him a bit of a nurturer and patient groomer, more parental. Is it just me or is someone going to correct me, "nah, just injuries"?

In much more significant news, today marked the end of "Don't Ask Don't Tell".  VoteVets.org had this statement:

"Today, the military will become stronger, with the official end of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.  For those of us who served, this is a moment to be celebrated.  Over the course of two wars, our military became dangerously overextended, while we were severely lacking in troops with special skills, such as translators.  This didn't have to be, but it was, because we discharged many able and honorable servicemembers - many with the skill sets we needed -  simply because of their orientation.  Going forward, our military will be able to hold onto its finest, and those who serve will no longer be ordered to lie about who they are and who they love.  Today, the greatest military the earth has ever known has become even greater."

And on icing on today's cake, I got a surprise in the mail from my crafty friend:

Such a cute bag with a zipper...and lined with this cool fabric on the inside!

And a note:

Sigh. She knows me so well. I love it. Great way to end the day.

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put some makeup in it!!!