Sunday, September 4, 2011

SC Pride

Having lived in fairly out and gay-friendly New York City and then moving to California where Prop 8 was on the ballot, was an eye-opener. Made me realize how easy it is to take certain civil rights for granted when they don't affect you. It was a learning lesson for the girl as well, as kids are constantly taught about treating each other fairly but in practice it's a different story, especially by adults who want to legalize their prejudices. So she learned sometimes it's necessary to rally.

Moving to South Carolina, we are in another world of slim acceptance of equal rights for gay citizens as the argument is dominated by folks who like to co-opt God to justify their discrimination. So we were excited that there was actually a gay pride festival here in Cola: SC Pride

Martha Wash? Drag queens and kings lipsyncing to the likes of Nicki Minaj and Adam Lambert?  Food trucks?  We're in:

A former Miss SC Pride lip syncing to "Super Bass"
The girl really enjoyed the music part but was reluctant to dance with either parent but did say that next year she'd want to bring her friends.

Enjoying music and a snow cone but not dancing with nerdy breeder parents

There were some informative booths--campaigns for equal marriage rights, churches open to the LGBT community--as well as ones for specific clubs like local Bear Clubs, and some clothing and jewelry boutiques.

But our money was spent on the food. We tried this food truck, Bone-In Barbecue:

We had their grilled pimento cheese sandwich with hand cut potato chips:

And afterward, we hit the Krispy Kreme and grabbed a couple of dozen donuts!

A deliciously gay Saturday!


Tom said...
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Pound said...

oy pimento cheese grilled cheese??? ew. ethan wouldnt kiss me today at the 1st day of school. i don't expect him to dance with me again til maybe his wedding.

Paul said...

The grilled cheese was pretty good! Guess being photographed here ends my chances of running for higher office on a republican ticket... ;-p