Saturday, September 17, 2011

TKD Tournament - Gastonia

We spent a day just over the SC-NC border, in a Tae Kwon Do Tournament in Gastonia, North Carolina. It was the girl's first tournament here since her first over two years ago. She chose to compete in forms:

I'm proud to say that she had been diligently practicing and taking guidance from the instructors for this competition and I was impressed how much her forms improved. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to beat the other competitor. But I definitely think that if she stays determined (and would let me coach her a bit), she could definitely place better at the next tournament. 

I took some other snaps of other folks at her school, including this young one breaking some boards:

And this assistant instructor breaking a board in an impressively acrobatic way:

The girl ended up also helping out a bit at the tournament so we were able to spend the whole day there watching everyone compete.

On to the next one.

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