Sunday, April 15, 2012

And on to spending the tax return

The good news is we're getting a refund this year. The bad news is the money is already getting spent.  According to Velina's instructors, she needs a new viola.  And they emphasized getting a better quality one than the one that I got her off CraigsList two years ago.  Ka-ching.  Sigh. 

We also did a little pre-refund shopping:

We hit a used book sale hosted by the county library. Then we hit Best Buy and picked up some CDs, virus software, and I picked up an armband that's going to hold my iPhone while I "run". One of my friends highly recommended getting one--not only to free up the hands from holding the iPhone, but he encouragingly added that it would also make me look more like a runner.
Next is actually using it.


Pound said...

i'm going to rent ethan's violin cuz he needs a different size every year. lame.

Tom said...
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