Thursday, April 26, 2012

Raking it in on the Bday

For my birthday (on Tuesday - I always say, "same as Barbara Streisand" as the easy way to remember the date), I got this awesome card from Velina:

I love how much her drawing is progressing -- love the wrinkles in fabric at the knees and waist.  Since the card said "Another great year to go!" I couldn't help asking if I'm expiring at the end of it.

I also got a real porcelain cast iron Dutch Oven!

Now I can (hopefully) make awesome bread like Linda!

Also scored a new Kindle to replace my previous one that died shortly after the warranty expired.  Do all new Kindles have advertising in sleep mode?  I kind of hate that.  Anybody know if that can be switched off?

Also raked in some cool loot--including Starbucks and Amazon gift cards and these surprises in the mail!

Also, got to enjoy Columbia's finest vegan food--happy birthday to me, indeed!


Tom said...
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Anonymous said...

I love Valena's drawing. It looks like she can enter fashion design school right now...the detail is amazing and her penmanship is awesome! - V

Pound said...

velina can draw anime!
i see paul didn't listen to me and include a bag of flour and yeast and recipe in the dutch oven! that kindle is the cheapest one which is why it has ads. can't turn it off. but they only come on when you turn it off so who cares! or do you miss the portraits of emily bronte, mark twain, and jane austen? :D

Joanne said...

Happy Birthday Frances! I wish that Barbara Streisand tip could help me, but I won't remember that either. I always remember your birthday is late April, but I usually get the day wrong - even after all these years. Anyway, I'm glad you got some good swag on your big day! Velina's drawing is amazing! Love ya'.