Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drawsome Fun

Sooo hooked on Draw Something. Unfortunately this means my attention to Words with Friends is flagging--I'm actually losing some games there because Draw Something is that addictive. But similarly to my WwF experience, I have a tendency to start guessing words right away from the available tiles in Draw Something. Sometimes I'm way off base:

This drawing eventually finishes out and becomes a MISSILE. Duh!

Sometimes I really enjoy the mad drawing skills of my friends, like this pretty Drawsome Colonel Sanders:

Or the detail (the brick! the ash! the cigarette!) for this hobo drawing:

Sometimes, when I don't have any ideas of what the drawing is, I just start trying words that don't necessarily make sense:

Or making up words:

Until my daughter figures it out for me:

When I draw, I'm not quite sure the direction my drawing will take place.  Like it wasn't my intention to draw two guys holding hands in their underwear until I realized that my word was plural:

But I do like to think my drawing skills are improving:

And sometimes, I get a little juvenile and giggle during my friend's young son's drawing:

TING-TING!  A slight digression:

Anyhoo, the word was eventually "wedgie":

So I guess I wasn't being so juvenile after all--HA!

Definitely fun--I'm giving this Draw Something app 5 stars--it's a blast!


Pound said...

omggggg i love how you can make every drawing about sex. except that first one is actually a penile shaped missile. wth??! and omg i see ethan started his wedgie drawing with a guy with a elephantitis penis. or that's just where YOUR mind went!!!! i love this game. i haven't played wwf for like a week. i love it when i can get a word that requires a lot of detail, that hobo is one of my faves (i can say that about my own drawing!)

Pound said...

i just realized the hobo sign should say no loitering, not soliciting. derr.

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