Friday, March 23, 2012

Heartbreak in the Mitten/Draw Something app

The Louisville Cardinals brought heartbreak in the Mitten with their sound defeat of Michigan State last night. As well as totally busting my bracket. Argh.

On the bright side, Linda introduced me to a new game app, Draw Something, and I am hooked! You basically try to guess a word that your friend is drawing and it plays a recording of sorts of the whole effort as she is drawing, not just a final drawing. I love it -- maybe it makes me feel like I'm there with my long-distance friend for a moment.

Though I have to confess, I don't know how the game is scored (I'm guessing it has to do with the coins we earn) or how somebody wins or even how the game ends. But it's really fun to play. Similar to a lot of Words games, you play when you have time, and you get to see a replay of your friend guessing your word as you draw it. I wish I could save some of these replays or at least go back and watch them.

Anybody want to play with me? I may just be upgrading to the paid version soon--I'm definitely addicted!


Pound said...

i love this game!!!! i try to draw my pics nice, and convey the word for real, not like some friends who actually just write words as clues. i'm like you're supposed to draw it!!! anyway, the coins can get you more colors, which is helpful especially when trying to draw a leprechaun and you don't have green yet. i thought your ballot pic for the longest time was a guy cutting a big wedding cake.

Tom said...
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