Thursday, March 29, 2012

Native Foods

It's par for the course that I'll hit Native Foods when I'm in Orange County.  I managed to get a friend to squeeze in lunch with me there and then bonus--another friend happened to be there! It was good food as always though I had my heart set on their Reuben sandwich which is apparently a "seasonal" item and wasn't available. Boo.

A slight digression: before lunch Linda and I did a little craft and fabric shopping. As we're parking, I notice a lady coming out of the Joann's wearing full top and bottom sweats. I said to Linda, "man, craft people have GOT to dress better--as if we don't get a bad rap as it is..." Linda threw me some shade and said, "did you look in the mirror?!" And she was right, I kind of just threw on some clothes at the top of the bag, not giving it much thought. I think Linda thought it looked like pajamas. I said I looked like an unemployed Bill Murray character from some 70s movie.

Any other suggestions?

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Pound said...

honestly the more i eat at native foods, the more i like it. when i ate there during daniel fast it tasted soooo good, altho that could've been cuz i had been eating raw veggies for 4 days. also, when i saw you get dressed, i believe my first thought was: oh i guess she's gonna stay in at my house all day. BECAUSE THOSE ARE JAMMIE PANTS.