Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Running in NJ

To prepare for the Mud Run, I've realized that running a straight distance is something I can "comfortably" do (I'm using that term generously) about once a week. I've been pretty impressed with myself that I've been doing 2 miles straight about once a week. Well yesterday, an e-mail went out to all those doing the Mud Run at work back in SoCal that there were going to be organized runs after work.

I sent a reply wishing I could be there prepping with them together and hey, how many miles were they doing so I could keep up? The answer was that the runs were going to vary depending on experience, oh, anywhere between 2 - 5 miles. I stared blankly at the response. Holy crap. For all my pride in doing 2 miles once a week, that still put me on the low end of their after-work runs--which is supposed to be including beginners.

A friend (who we had long ago planned on putting a Mud Run team together) told me that he's running 4 miles, twice a week. Holy crap! Panic set in and I pretty much ran outside immediately to try to catch up. I made myself run 4 miles no matter how long it took.

I made it. But man, it was hard. My shins kind of ached at first and at the end of the run I felt achy in my lower back and some tension where my neck and shoulders meet--possibly from clutching my iPhone (which I need, need, NEED for music). It looks like I'm going to have to boost my weekly run to 4 miles (yeesh, maybe more realistically 3 miles) if I hope to keep up with my teammates in SoCal. I hope my body is up for it.

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Paul said...

I'll state the obvious first: you need to get something to hold the phone so you're not clutching it.