Monday, March 5, 2012

New blogs!

I now have a crafting/creative inspiration blog: 1 Crafty Mother

I also have a food, aka "I'm eating", blog:  1 Hungry Mother

I initially started this blog, Good for Something, with the encouragement of Linda (whose blog is one of my FAVORITES) to share crafty goodness.  It kind of evolved into a more personal blog full of posts about things like my opinions, the happenings in my life, and rants about not being able to lose weight.  And I realized I wasn't crafting as much and my blog was more of a diary of my life and I started losing fellow crafters.  And then on the flip side, some friends mentioned their eyes glazing over the food posts I was doing.  So I thought about trying to overhaul this blog and bring more balance but in the end, I felt I was so all over the place already--so I chose to concentrate on separate blogs.

I wanted to get more crafty and foodie since the New Year, so I started these two other blogs.  So now my friends who are interested in my life, thoughts, and other minutia can still follow my personal blog, while the other two blogs will motivate me to get crafty and well, eat more new things.  And bonus--as I aim for these two other blogs to be more public, I'll refrain from foul/rude/cantankerous language a lot better than I do here.

I'll probably still point to posts on the other blogs here (and I've even copied some of my food and craft posts from this year to the other blogs) so feel free to just hang out here if you like.

I'm hoping these blogs will encourage me to create, eat new things, and write more.  And as usual, I welcome any comments or feedback.  Thanks for reading, everybody.


Tom said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm a bit scattered to read three blogs! I check in here to find out what's up with you and your family, so I'll continue to follow the personal blog. The foodie thing will certainly be worth checking out too - at least sometimes :) Good luck to you as you strive to be more crafty and creative, while trying to eat new foods and maintain three blogs!

Pound said...

dang now i gotta check 2 blogs for you? i say- it's your blog, write what you want! i have gone through stages of my blog being a scrapping blog, a blog about my kids, one about my cooking, back to sewing and back to scrapping. it's just kinda a blog about... linda. of course i will read both your blogs, but i'm just saying, the whole fran is a good fran, so whatever! i like reading about your food, projects, foul language, and whatever! ok and i just realized that hershey's shirt is your actual shirt ahaha, i thought you were linking me to someone else's blog. duh.