Sunday, March 18, 2012

Catch up

I lucked out that I was able to catch up with two friends from college, Tom and Mike, yesterday in New York.  Here are a couple of pix from us in college when I hosted a dinner party for World Vegetarian Day in my dorm room:

As you can see, this party was a rager:

And here we are today, a couple of decades later:

We happened to be meeting up on St. Patrick's Day, which is usually one of the days I'd recommend staying inside if you're in New York:  twenty-somethings with a holiday license to binge on green beer and Irish whiskey makes for unpleasant sights unless you have a fetish for obnoxious people and public vomiting. But we avoided the key spots and got lunch at Sushi Lounge:

And bonus!  My sister brought this cutie by to impress my friends:

With plenty of Sapporo beer and saketinis, we caught up on the things people of a certain age who haven't seen each other in a while do: our ailments, the changes in quantity & color of our hair, our fluctuation in weight, jobs, family, etc., which makes for a pretty enjoyable time. The saketinis enhance the lively discussions.

Of course we made room for some Big Gay Ice Cream, and enjoyed the Salty Pimp, Cococone, and American Globs cones:

Then a little break for coffee and then dinner at Mitali East, where we enjoyed a few of their Madira Ho Mumtaj cocktails:

Aka as "Intoxicated drinks of love"--and I have no idea what was in them:

And I enjoyed their Vegetarian Combination Platter:

We stayed until nearly midnight which made a wonderful 12 hours of catching up, digging up embarrassing memories, lots of laughs, great toasts, and good times. So glad to reconnect with these college friends and look forward to seeing them again!


Tom said...

Franny, that was a great, great day. Thank you for everything. I would brave the dangers of obnoxious teenagers and public vomiting anytime to do that again!

Pound said...

1. what kind of curtains did your dorm have?
2. were you wearing jammies, or just matching top and bottom?
3. that sounds like so much fun to hang out with old college friends.

Tom said...
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