Friday, May 24, 2013

Bike baskets: a difference of opinion

I finally got the bikes tuned up and the girl has really taken to some freedom that the bike offers.  Besides riding it to school (and not having to wait on the school bus), she has been enjoying not relying on me to go meet her friends for after school events and programs.  Frankly her new independence is a mixed bag (She says she's going to a friend's recital then text me later that she wants to hang out after it) but overall, it's satisfying to see her embrace it. 

To make it more practical I installed various storage receptacles, including a nifty basket:

The cool bike basket on the front, I mean:

But shockingly she didn't find it nearly as amazing:


Pound said...

ahahahahahahaha i thought you meant you installed the pink basket in the back. or were you being sarcastic and that's the one you put? those are the baskets homeless people strap to their bikes. and i should know, i know homeless people from church. that text is the best. you're embarrassing her.

heidi said... kill me!