Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Highlights and Lowlights of my Memorial Day weekend

I flew in LaGuardia Saturday afternoon and got a blessed ride to Brooklyn from my friend as she was driving in from CT (public transport from LGA to Brooklyn is a long mess).  We met up with another college friend for food:

And drinks:

I was able to meet with more friends for a great brunch on Sunday:

Later in the afternoon, my sister and my brother-in-law returned from their weekend trip and brought back these cuties:

We got to walk around and see this guy ride his scooter (so cute!):

Even Monday (Memorial Day) morning started with these cute faces:

Unfortunately, that's where the highlights end and my lowlights begin with:

After seeing our mom, I dropped my sister off at the train station and as I was driving her car, I got rear-ended. Argh. I was thisclose to the exit for the Trader Joe's. But I was very grateful that no kids were in the car and that I was able to walk away.

I had hit my head when the car hit and folks were advising/pressuring me to go see a doctor. Unfortunately, my primary doctor was back in SoCar AND it was the Memorial Day holiday so the Doctor Express type offices were closed. Finally I was convinced to go to the ER when folks (including a nurse) were advising that I should be examined within 24 hours of the accident and by early evening I was starting to feel aches in my neck, joints, and lower back as well as having a dull headache. I was very sheepish going to the ER when I wasn't on the verge of death but decided to go that night rather than wait until the next day because I had some appointments for my mom during the day.

I got to the ER around 9PM and found this delight:

 A pack of name brand gummy bears for 90 cents?  YES PLEASE.  That will certainly help the medicine go down.

I finally saw a doctor around 1:30am and he was very nice about my non-mortality-inducing car accident and its accompanying aches and pains considering I was expecting him to say, "Oh are my eyes rolling?  I guess when I'm in the ER, I'm used to SAVING LIVES.  But go on about your neck pain..." In the end I walked out at 3AM with 3 prescriptions for my whiplash.  Well, I guess that's one way to end a holiday weekend.


Pound said...

oh what????? they must've hit you hard, the back looks pretty smashed. suck. i guess the up side is that it's a rental and not your own car. glad you're ok.

Pat said...

After all that happened to you...you fixate on the gummy bears!?! Only you Frances, only you! Glad to know you're okay.

heidi said...

Been there & done that. I'm sorry that happened....welcome to over 40 and not being able to tough it out anymore. I'm soooo glad you're ok!