Thursday, May 2, 2013

NJ and Brooklyn Visit

On my way to the Charlotte airport to fly up to NJ to celebrate my mom's birthday, I had an unlucky start:

My car kind of just stopped working and all these lights came on.  I called AAA and got my car towed back to the shop in Columbia.  I was able to get on a later flight and not miss the festivities for my mom's big b-day lunch.  My aunts and uncles all flew in as well which really made my mom happy.  That and the platters of sushi:

And of course, have her youngest grandchild pour on the charm:

Back in Brooklyn, my niece helped me cook some broccoli:

How soon can I get that broccoli?!

And of course, some funny face time!  Tried to squeeze in both kiddos, which was a bit challenging:

Visiting a friend at work in Manhattan and got an awesome birthday cake cupcake at Crumbs:

It was a fast and furious visit--finally relaxed on the plane ride home, with some DD coffee and getting sucked into Divergent.

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