Thursday, April 25, 2013

I just found my new auto shop

One of the benefits of Groupon and Living Social deals, besides the savings, is it's become a great resource for discovering places and businesses.  I found my gym and computer repair place through them.  Recently, I took advantage of a Living Social special for an oil change at The Auto Club:

I usually cringe at folks co-opting God or Jesus for an agenda or gain, so when I saw the motto "Where work is done with Christ-like integrity!", I was a little hesitant.  But I was really pleased not only with their service but their willingness to work with you.  When I asked how much an oil change was normally, he said "$25 if we supply the oil and filter but $10 if you supply the oil and filter."  In my experience that is unheard of--I mean isn't the oil and filter an opportunity to make a bit more profit on? 

So then I brought our other car in and also asked for the turn light signal bulb to be replaced. Unfortunately, I ended up waiting for over 90 minutes.  I had been wondering what was taking so long and finally it was done.  I kind of just wrote it off as the laid-back way of the South. When I went to pay, the owner said he wasn't pleased how the delayed auto part was handled (that I wasn't informed and kept waiting) and refused to let me pay for anything.  Christ-like or not, I haven't run into such integrity from a business in a looooong time.  They certainly earned a customer in me.

So, if you're looking for auto service in Columbia, South Carolina, I highly recommend The Auto Club!


Pound said...

their good service was actually inspired by jesus :D

TillyHand said...

Still love my people at Cullom's but I haven't ever seen a groupon for them...