Monday, April 15, 2013

I Hate Myself

Every year I vow that next year, NEXT YEAR! I will do our taxes before April. And here I am, AGAIN, working on them the night before they are due.

EDITED to add: Okay finished them and now I can't seem connect to pay to e-file my state taxes. I keep hitting Continue over and over but it's like the servers are busy. Are there are other people who might have waited for the last night to do their taxes too?

EDITED AGAIN: Finally able to e-file after midnight but got an e-mail this morning that my e-file was REJECTED. It turns out my e-file PIN was wrong. Corrected and re-e-filed. Got an e-mail that our Federal return was accepted. Just waiting to hear from the State. Fingers crossed...


Pat said...

But it's still you have to pay?

Pound said...

why do u do this to yourself????? we file in feb every year since... ever. i waited til tax day once when i was in college, and spent all afternoon at the post office trying to fill out a form with a pencil, no other paperwork, and i'm pretty sure i was doing it on the curb.