Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend: The girl was busy

The girl had her last Quiz Bowl meet on Saturday as a middle schooler.  She was captain of Team B.  Unfortunately, due to some schools not showing up, they had high school teams compete against middle school teams, and well, none of her school's teams made the afternoon rounds.

More painful than that was how the kids struggled with pop culture that wasn't in the last 5 years.  When the question asked which actor was "in Bill & Ted's Big Adventure as well as all three of the Matrix movies directed by the Wachowski brothers", NO ONE buzzed in with Keanu Reeves.  And when another question asked what female trio lead by Diana Ross bumped the Beatles off the Billboard charts in 1966, a young man buzzed in, "The Spice Girls?"  I'm pretty sure every adult head in the room hit the desk at that one.

Overall, the girl did well and I was proud of her.  Though it did make me itch to play Trivial Pursuit again.

Later that evening, she met up with some friends at an Anime convention (called Nashi-Con) at the "formal" on Saturday night.  She had missed the Con during the day while she was at the Quiz Bowl meet but went the next day with friends.

Pretty sweet life the girl leads, right?


Tom said...
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Pound said...

omg. well if i ask ethan about those movies i'm sure he wouldn't know either. and she looks so grown up. man i remember when she and ethan were up in that weird space up in your living room, playing ds. sigh...