Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Best flight in a long time

Holy crap.  I obviously haven't ridden a non-stop cross-country flight in a long time (getting from my neck of the woods in the South entails one, and on occasion, two stops to the Left Coast) but this flight was AWESOME.  Flying from SFO to JFK on United, I had my own mini-screen and FREE new release movies (and TV).  I squeezed in The Wolverine, The Internship, and started a Girls epi.  I'm pretty sure it was the first time I was lamenting that the flight wasn't longer.

Bonus--I guess because we were in the last row, the flight attendant treated us to ice cream!

Sigh, I've reached that age where I rave about a pleasant traveling experience. But, this flight was hands-down one of the best in recent memory. Especially in this day of long security lines, travel restrictions on sizes and liquids, jammed overhead space, and cramped seating (they ARE getting smaller, right?) -- it was great to have a nice ride.

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