Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Updates in NJ

After the burial for my mom's ashes in CA, we did a bit of work on her house.  We updated the color in the kitchen from yellow:

to this blue-gray.  It was really nice to see it all in one even color--whoever painted the kitchen the initial yellow did a terrible job.  We're talking painting on electrical outlets and using a different shade on a part of a wall--I'm guessing he was running low on paint and decided to stretch it with some primer?

Also thought it was a good idea to change out the locks.

Which was really quick and easy when replacing similar locks:

Voila!  Don't worry we got a silverish bottom lock to match this one:

Also got rid of this curtain:

And decided to go for the frosted glass look with contact paper:

Tada!  Light but a degree of privacy:

Also updated the cabinet handles (old one is on left, updated, simpler contemporary one that my sister picked out is on right):

And my biggest accomplishment--patching a hole and repainting this stained ceiling:

Downside--pushing the fridge aside to paint the wall behind and discover that the mouse-shaped dust ball is in fact, a mouse, albeit a dead and dessicated one.  I know, barf.

One of the better discoveries was finding this Willie Nelson CD among Mom's classical and opera CDs:

Definitely a surprise that put a smile on my face.

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