Monday, November 4, 2013

SF visit

Our stay in San Francisco was incredibly short--just a long weekend basically but we packed as much as we could including seeing sweet (and times, downright saintly!) cousin Clara every day of our stay.

So glad we got to see all the cousins the day of my mom's memorial, and a few even drove into the city to see us for a few hours (forgot to get pictures--kicking myself!).  My OC transplant friends even drove in from the east bay area to spend a couple of evening hours--so great catching up with them:

We made one touristy visit to Pier 39 to see the famed sea lions, which apparently started out as (and still are?) a nuisance but were corralled into makeshift piers that visitors can enjoy them with sight, sound, and smell!

Also able to grab a pic with Alcatraz in the background:

One of my favorite sights, the girl and her cousin:

My sister said they looked like a pair of Williamsburg hipsters on a stroll.  I just love how sweet they look together.  Nice way to end a trip in SF.

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