Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Operation Valkyrie is in effect

I'm kidding. Actually, I need Tom Cruise to say, "Operation Virginia is in effect," sans Nazi uniform. And eyepatch. After being absent for a couple of years, our office brought Secret Santa back. It kind of fell to the wayside because some folks had trouble with the pressure of 5 days of giftgiving, some were disappointed in their Secret Santa, blah, blah, blah humbug... I was one of the fervent supporters of bringing back Secret Santa.

Come on, who couldn't use some holiday spirit? Believe again, my fair co-workers, believe again.

I'll have to share what I gave later because I can't risk my Secret Virginia from finding out that I'm that person's Secret Santa. But look what was on my office door:

A closer look (I like the crafty use of office supplies):

And behold, my first gift from my Secret Santa:

See now? Who wouldn't want to start their Monday with this? Thanks, Secret Santa.

1 comment:

Pound said...

i loved doing secret santa at work!!! so fun. as adults we don't really get gifts anymore, so it's nice to get one from a friend!

i'm lol @ the priority stickers.