Thursday, December 18, 2008

Secret Santa work on the Side

A couple of us Secret Santas got together to do something nice for "M", someone who wasn't doing Secret Santa but had volunteered to keep the master list and be the go-between the Secret Santas and Secret Virginias. So we spent an hour after work turning his cube into a little gingerbread chalet cubicle:

Do you like the tiling on the door in Hammermill salmon, green, and ivory?

And we brought a little winter magic "inside" with a sky full of snowflakes. Kind of like the dining hall ceiling at Hogwarts, right?

And a little peek of the gingerbread chalet from the outside, complete with a feeling that it's "forever snowing":

You're welcome, M.


Tomb said...
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Anonymous said...


Pound said...

ya that looks totes professional. just like the great hall at hogwarts. totes.