Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What is it about the New Year?

As I sit here on the cusp of New Year's Eve, I'm encouraged to start the New Year with some fresh vision and goals. What is it about the New Year that fills me up with hope and a sense of renewal...verging on the sense of a do-over? Or have I just bought into the commercialism of "New Year Resolutions"?

For better or worse, the resolutions I'm tossing around in my head look appallingly similar to last year's goals. Or like everyone else's.


After finishing "The Watchmen", I know one goal--to read more. I think I'm going to make a reading list of books I've been meaning to read or finish ones that I started.

What else?


Tomb said...
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Pound said...

get on! you can see what your friends are reading and how they rated books, and comments, etc. lok for me on there!

also, i have no desire to make any new yrs resolutions. i stopped that nonsense years ago :P

Anonymous said...

Spend more time with good friends is a resolution I prefer. HV!