Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Nightlife

The girl had her big holiday orchestra recital at school. I was only able to snap a picture during practice because I wasn't seated close enough during the actual program:

And then a cookie exchange!

I always laugh when we have different names for cookies. Like the white balls in the pic above? I first knew them as Russian Tea Balls, but the baker called them Mexican Wedding Cakes. I made these Thumbprint cookies, but someone else said, "Ooo! Bird Nest cookies!"

I kind of wanted to mock these cookies (pecan half squished with a soft Rolo candy and mini pretzel) and call them Inglorious Lazy Basterd cookies (which is what I'm sure the baker calls them) but the children present and I ate so darn much of them, I'd have to say they were winners:

These were probably the most unique--Gumdrop bars (gumdrops both on top and baked in the bars):

My personal favorite at this exchange--these very well-executed "Santa's Whiskers" cookies--buttery cookie (not sure what the red stuff is though I know it's not peppermint-cherry?) with toasted coconut:

Cookie Exchange=lots delicious caloric fun!

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Pound said...

i've heard both names for the white balls, but the others are thumbprints! and wha? a cookie buffet? i need to organize one at ethan's school. of course the chances of ethan wanting to play any instrument is 0 to nil.