Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ups and Downs

Up: The MSU Spartans are heading to the Capital One Bowl against Alabama, which frankly is looking like one of the more interesting bowl games to catch despite it not being a BCS bowl for a Big Ten champ. Anybody remember Saban used to coach for MSU? And that Dantonio was secondary coach under him? Or that Saban ranked MSU over Wisconsin?

Down: In basketball, the MSU Spartans "played like girls" losing soundly to Syracuse--ugh, messing with my March Madness picks already.

Up: Holy cow! Christmas is around the corner! Holiday spirit and cheer!

Down: Holy crap! Christmas is around the corner! I have done NOTHING to prepare for it.

May Elizabeth Edwards, supporter of universal healthcare, gay rights/marriage finally find peace in her battle with breast cancer. An impressive woman of accomplishment, heart, and grace.

Down: But...heard the latest? That ridiculous "church" - Westboro Baptist - the ones that protest at military funerals, theatre productions, and even a high school graduation because apparently "God hates fags" - plans to be on hand to picket Elizabeth Edwards funeral. WTF is wrong with these people? Whoever is donating hard-earned Hamiltons and Jacksons to this church should use it for something a lot more practical - say, like wiping their butts with it - than funding these protests.

Well I want to end on an Up note so I hope you enjoy this special pole-dancing dvd ad as much as I did:

"It happens. He'll understand."

Who couldn't use some Seducidence?

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Heidi said...

Nice! Where did you find that video?