Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting things done

This last week has been a blur. At least I managed to finish processing the pix for the Holiday Awards banquet, like this tasty chocolate fountain:

I also managed to finish holiday shopping with the help of Amazon. Though, truth be told, it would have been a lot faster and easier if more folks had Amazon Wish Lists, like my smart sister-in-law. Because as I was scrolling through various departments on Amazon, I kept finding stuff that I wanted and kept adding stuff to my Wish List.

Also I overanalyzed my football pool picks to death. Again. The reward? Half right. Again. (I guess the warning sign was I was totally KICKING A$$ in my Words With Friends games--yeah, you heard me T..J... and Rasc...!) It doesn't help my picks that a lot of 2nd string QBs are playing and some struggled predictably (I'm sorry Webb, that frozen Golden Gophers field was a rough place to debut) and some were admirable surprises that earned repeat starts (congrats Tebow, Grossman--though you guys didn't help my picks). And OMG...hello Patriots?! After CRUSHING Chicago in a blizzard last week on one of the worst fields, you couldn't at least beat a Packers team by the spread -- that had a QB making his first NFL appearance? In Foxborough?! Oh here go hell come.

Then Monday, Paul got his hip surgery. During the pre-op prep, I snapped a picture of where the lead nurse marked his hip (indicating the correct one to be operated on) with a Sharpie by scribbling a star and her initials. I told him I'd e-mail it to his parents and he suggested, I should also post the picture on my blog. When he came to after recovery, I told I had e-mailed the pic to his parents and he said, you did?! Oh well, I guess it was the OxyContin drip talking. Good thing I couldn't access my blog during surgery.

Watched the UConn Huskies women's basketball team break Wooden's record with an 89th win. Then watched Auriemma announce the winner of a Wii. Gaaah, is that what it takes for people to come out to a women's team break an NCAA record?!

Looking forward to a mellow Christmas--hopefully I'll get a little cleaning done...


Tomb said...
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Pound said...

that's like how michael scott sharpied the arm of his benihana waitress cuz he didn't know which was his date.
and good thing they did that, he wouldn't want to end up with a missing kidney.

Anonymous said...

What kind of friend am I (I ask again)?? I didn't know Paul was having hip surgery! I hope his recovery goes quickly and smoothly. (When I had my feet surgery this summer, the doctor actually initialed both ankles - instead of neither. I didn't get a star, however...)

Congratulations on becoming an aunt!!! You will be awesome I'm sure... Annabelle and Josh will be sweet, amazing parents too, I'm sure :)

Our holiday card became a Christmas card and now a New Year's card -- so you can expect one soon. I miss you and love you!