Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another favorite iPhone app: PS Express

I love the simple efficiency of PS Express (aka PhotoShop Express). And to top it off, it's FREE. I use it frequently, especially for quick edits of pix for my blog or when I resend to friends.

Say, I've got a pic of me and Linda's big, Ethan:

I've got some of my key options on this pull-down:

I use Crop pretty often to cut out extraneous distractions in a pic or to bring a more flattering focus on the people in the picture.  I also manage to use Rotate often--somehow a good number of my pix end up being landscape when I thought I was taking it in Portrait or vice versa--this is an easy quick fix here in PS Express.

I use Exposure pretty often because my 3G doesn't have flash and this is the easiest way to lighten up (or darken) a pic.  And Black & White makes a nice, simple B&W conversion--done.

But one of my favorite effects is "Sketch":

Which turns your pic into a cute cartoon. You're welcome, I just saved you at least 99 cents from purchasing one of those Picture to Toon apps.

This is probably one of my most frequent go-to photo apps.  Not really exciting but very useful.  And free!


Pound said...

was that at lee's? i'd be tempted to download that app... but iphone pics suck so much that no amount of photoshopping can save them. there should be an "ungrain" feature.

Paul said...

That's Linda's "little"; "bigs" are the grown-ups who mentor them:
(See the movie "Role Models"