Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bday weekend

I was psyched to spend my birthday doing one of my favorite activities: feasting. Paul and the girl got a bunch of fancy eats at The Gourmet Shop:

The Haribo Fruit Salad was my favorite candy and I loved the Idiazabal cheese (it's like a softer version of Parmesan but also has a smoky and buttery essence) and of course, the smoked salmon and bagels!

I even got to enjoy some caviar!  The best part is that these were all treats that I really wouldn't feel right getting myself but when I'm gifted with it--I gotta enjoy it!

I was thrilled to receive this birthday gift from my friend Linda--can't wait to cash it in next time I'm in SoCal!

And I received these wonderful gifts from Opa & Oma, Nana, and my sister and her family:

A VERY happy birthday for me!


Tomb said...
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Pound said...

yay for good bdays! can't wait til you get here so i can have some of that delicious un meat! oh well, they have that watermelon drink, i could always get that... :P

i got some crazy haribo gummi cokes today, but they're sour gummi cokes. they're coated with sour patch kids sugar.