Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For the mud run

After saying I would run Monday, then flaking, then saying Tuesday, then flaking, I put my foot down this morning and said I'm going to run today, come heck or high water.  And of course it was raining.  And to make it worse, so to speak, I was determined to add some distance and run 1.5 miles.

But I did it. 

And I even bettered my average pace up to 10.16 min/mile.  Am I dazzling you?

No, me neither, despite a congratulatory e-mail from RunKeeper saying I went my farthest distance today.

But I'm pressing on.  The mud runs consist of a 10K or approximately 6.2 miles.  I believe the conventional wisdom is to be able run half the distance comfortably (as in, on a regular basis), with a few occasions of running distances closer to the mud run distance.  So that puts me at 3 miles comfortably.  And goodness knows, I'm not comfortable now doing half that distance.  I've got quite a ways to go in my mind, but at least I've got a few months to get there.  Definitely open to the thought that I can get there.


Tom said...
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Frances said...

Haha--thanks for noticing. I've been working on unlocking the angry furrowed brow for a while--unfortunately all these years of furrowing left a permanent indentation.

Tom said...
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Pound said...

Man you had a baby with no epidural. Mud run should be a piece of cake. Just sayin.