Monday, January 2, 2012

Michigan State wins the Outback Bowl!

It was a busy day of Bowl games, including the Capital One Bowl where Paul was torn between rooting for South Carolina and Nebraska, though USC won out.  The Outback Bowl game was easier for me when Michigan State bested Georgia in the 3rd OT with a blocked field goal.  Michigan State was also the only Big 10 team (out of five) to win their Bowl game today so that felt pretty good too.

The hardest part of the day was being on day 2 of the reboot where I could only have 2 "shakes", which it seems there wasn't any effort to make it a nice smoothie flavor.  It sort of has this vague savory and woody flavor which really has me craving a nice fake strawberry flavor badly.  The first day (yesterday) wasn't so bad as I seriously think my body has so many excess calories stored that it didn't really register the few calories I consumed. This second day my body definitely recognized that all I was giving it was 2 more measly shakes. And it responded with a mild headache and general fatigue. And the worst bad breath. Definitely looking forward to tomorrow when I get to eat food. Rice cakes never looked so good.


Tom said...
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Pound said...

Wow an actual pic of Paul!!! Now I see velina actually looks more like him. But with Asian features. I mean like if Paul was a girl, Asian and 30 yrs younger.